Dinner with Sarah Slaton (of Edison) - No Cover!

Dinner with Sarah Slaton (of Edison) - No Cover!

Sun, July 30, 2017

6:00 pm

No Cover!

This event is all ages

Sarah Slaton (of Edison)
Sarah Slaton (of Edison)
…a lysergic twist on the modern folk freak scene often heartbroken but always upbeat as they traverse the American landscape looking for kicks and kindred spirits for a footstompin' good time— backed up with bonafide musicianship.

Though the band had originally formed in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, it was in the Texas heat, on the way to 2016’s SXSW the following year, that they signed a record deal.

With consistent writing, seemingly nonstop touring, and a new record deal, the band developed a strategy for co-writing that seems to work for them. Sarah typically “brings lyrics or a part of a song, and the guys kind of build a sonic landscape around that.” Other times, instrumentals come first, and Sarah’s vocals round out the track. While Maxwell and Dustin record instrumentals in the studio, Sarah can usually be found recording vocals in a separate room.

However, how the songs are technically constructed is perhaps less important than how they are born in the first place. Many of the songs on Familiar Spirit were written in strange and unlikely places on the road, as they toured in order to network the old-fashioned way. One song came alive on a dock by the Chesapeake Bay. Another was written in a cabin below the Rockies. Still another was penned in the Arizona desert. - Focus Magazine

"Though it’s a proper studio release, the nine-track effort in a way captures exactly what the band’s been doing the last 12 months: bringing music to life." - Consequence of Sound
Venue Information:
Ophelia's Electric Soapbox
1215 20th Street
Denver, CO, 80202